We are not the "usual" small business consultants, we and our associates actually perform the work for you, we don't just offer advice, then leave you to get on with it. Visit the links below for more information on our unique small business consultants package to suite your needs.

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Our Values

Chamber Links values underpin how we run our organisation and work with our clients. We hope that clients and staff feel that we live by these values and we do evaluate our performance against them through social accounting and audit.

They are

  • Being supportive of our peer team
  • Supporting Fairtrade - through purchasing policy
  • Treading lightly on the earth - through our green house keeping policy
  • Fostering positive partnerships - working mutually with honesty and integrity
  • Enjoying what we do and celebrating what we achieve
  • Trying to always be approachable and accessible
  • Striving to be a fair and equitable employer

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